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My name is Benjamin, and I am an electrical engineer by trade, but I never found much happiness in my profession. Around the time I finished my formal education I also fulfilled a longstanding desire of mine and had my earlobes expanded. Naturally in the coming months I decided to follow my passion and turned to making organic ear plugs and various other wooden products. In the beginning I only produced plugs for myself and a couple of close friends, but after a couple years of experience tinkering with various materials and styles I finally feel confident enough about the product to make it available worldwide. Beni-Plugs offers the best quality to price ratio of wooden jewelry, a variation of styles, size and materials used to produce the finest in wooden handcraftsmanship, customizable to fit your everyday preferences and needs. This all could not have been achieved without the support of my friends, family, satisfied customers, the joy of working in a craft I adore, and the continuous guidance of a professional piercer Matija Ščurek of Piercing Studio Chebela. Thank you all for helping through the initial phases, and making it possible to follow my dreams and share my wonderful product with the world. (2012-2016)

In August 2016 I moved to Berlin. Where I am finishing my apprenticeship in Titanen Piercingatelier. Have to say Thanks to Brian Jenne and Charlyne Chiappone for helping me with everything to finish my apprenticeship.

SLOVENIA    2006-2016



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