Caring for your plugs

There are some things you need to know about the care of your brand new pair of wood plugs. Wood tends to darken after time, especially when exposed to the sun, oils, sweat, etc. Some types of wood are more resistant to these phenomena, and others more prone to it, so decide which type of wood fits you best, based on your everyday experiences. As wood is a more fragile material than steel, you need to handle your plugs with care at all time.

Never, ever, ever, EVER (!!) shower or bathe with your plugs. Avoid moisture of any kind as wood plugs can, and will deform if not treated properly. The surface may also lose its glow, and become quite rough, and not pleasant to wear. As wood is a porous material, it should never be used and worn in fresh piercings. Wait for the piercing to heal and then get your wood plugs.
We use no chemicals in the production of our plugs, but if you notice any reaction on your piercing or plug, remove it immediately. Pay attention to what your body requires.
Clean your plugs regularly, preferably with non-mineral oils to keep the glow, and to prevent any deterioration.

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